InetServices Offers Cloud Archive Storage

Natick, Massachusetts – InetServices, a leading provider of affordable high performance dedicated server and cloud server hosting announced its new Cloud Archive Storage (CAS). This new service is designed to provide long term archive storage that can be accessed not only by your servers but from anywhere. An extremely affordable solution for long-term data storage.

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Research: 2014 Private Cloud Survey

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The results of our InformationWeek 2014 Private Cloud Survey are eye-opening. All 242 respondents hail from ­organizations with 50 or more employees and screened into the survey by indicating involvement with managing, ­purchasing, advising on, or implementing datacenter technologies, and we were able to trend from our April 2012 poll.

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Cloud Computing Bubble Trouble

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Bill Gurley won’t come right out and say we’re in another tech bubble because, as he said in his Above the Crowd blog, “It’s a dangerous question to ponder – especially out loud and especially here at ground zero. Silicon Valley thrives on optimism, and anyone waving the bubble flag is auditioning for the title of nonbeliever or party pooper.”

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Need Ultra-Performance? Go SSD Cloud Server

Need maximum performance for those IOP intense applications? Then go with our SSD Cloud Servers.

Our SSD Cloud Servers offer 40,000 random read /80,000 write input/output operations per second (IOPS) compared to only hundreds of IOPS for SATA or SAS HDDs. This means that SSD Cloud Servers maintain extreme throughput as disk seeks increase, unlike hard disks which eventually start “thrashing” and slow down dramatically. Servers and applications boot instantly and websites and applications are much more responsive.

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