Infrastructure as a Service #IaaS is the method of delivering a complete Cloud Computing infrastructure such as servers, storage, security, and networking as an on-demand service. IaaS from InetServices can be obtained as public cloud, private cloud, or hybrid cloud infrastructure.

Use our Public Cloud Hosting to deploy virtual servers in minutes or our Private Cloud Hosting for bare metal servers and private storage for enhanced security and control. Or for superior performance, combine our Public Cloud Hosting, Private Cloud Hosting, and Dedicated Servers in a completely private/secure infrastructure creating a Hybrid Cloud environment.

Extreme Power On-Demand

Cloud Servers – For instant scalability and on-demand growth

HA Cloud – High availability keeps your business up and running

SSD Cloud – Get lightning fast performance with SSD technology

Ultimate Security and Control

Performance – Guaranteed resources for your critical applications

Speed – Greater disk performance (IOPS) with local disks

Security – Private network with multiple layers of protection

The Ideal Infrastructure

Public cloud for instant scalability and on-demand growth

Private cloud for complete control and enhanced security

Dedicated servers for superior performance

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