Plesk How to Disable SSLv3

Vulnerability check script:

chmod +x
for i in `echo 21 587 443 465 7081 8443 993 995 `; do /bin/sh /home/inet203/ $i; done

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Plesk – How to Set up a Secondary DNS Server

First, zone transfer for the secondary DNS server should be allowed in Plesk. To do it list secondary DNS server’s IP in NS records for all zones on Plesk server or add it to Access Control List (ACL). ACL is managed under Server > DNS Settings > Common ACL.

For non-Plesk secondary DNS servers:

  1. Create all DNS zones on the secondary DNS server in /etc/named.conf (this file location may differ depending on OS) with slavetype. For example:zone “” { type slave; file “”; masters {; }; }

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Cannot Add a new Domain

A DNS record for the domain you are trying to add already exists in the Plesk database, so a new domain with the same name cannot be added.


Try finding a record with a similar name in the DNS settings of the existing domains.

If it is difficult to find this manually:

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Plesk Error After NGINX IP Change

Internal error: Dependent row(s) ‘ = 1’ isn’t found for ‘smb_users.roleId = 1’


An error occurs when accessing a subscription in Parallels Plesk Panel (Plesk), going to Subscriptions > > Open in Control Panel

Internal error: Dependent row(s) ' = 1' isn't found for 'smb_users.roleId = 1'.
Message     Dependent row(s) ' = 1' isn't found for 'smb_users.roleId = 1'.
File    Abstract.php
Line    206
Type    Exception

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Nginx does not start after IP change


  • On the Plesk homepage, you see the following error:
    New configuration files for the Apache web server were not created due to the errors in configuration templates: nginx: [emerg] bind() to failed (99: Cannot assign requested address) nginx: configuration file /etc/nginx/nginx.conf test failed . The error message containing the detailed error descriptions was sent to you by e-mail. Please resolve the issues and click here to generate broken configuration files once again or here to generate all configuration files.
  • Nginx cannot start:
    [emerg] bind() to failed (99: Cannot assign requested address) ;

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Plesk Usage Data Caching

The VDS control panel has several intervals where the application reads and calculates the VDS and VDS Users usage information. Collecting the usage information from the operating system quota service and from the mail server can take a long time and can affect the response time of the VDS control panel. The delay in loading pages is noticeable when the overview page, the email/ftp page b and the accounts usage page.

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