cPanel Recover InnoDB table Corruption

InnoDB force Recovery, There are many reasons available to get database corrupted. Make sure that you maintain a good backup schedule by running a cpanel backup in case of serious corruption or data loss issue or refer with Mysql knowledgebase.

InnoDB corruption can cause all of the databases running on that server to be inaccessible. Unfortunately some times you need to recover MySQL data from ibdata1. It’s many reasons why your getting corrupted Innodb files that cannot automatically be restored of the mysqld daemon. We can recover innodb table corruption in your  cpanel server.


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cPanel MySQL Performance Tuning

MySQL Performance Tuning Shell Script, This script takes information from “SHOW STATUS LIKE…” and “SHOW VARIABLES LIKE…” then attempts to produce sane recommendations for tuning server variables. It is compatible with all versions of MySQL 3.23 and above.

In your huge traffic cPanel server you can use the following MySQL performance tuning script to optimize the mysql performance.

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Cpanel Database Automatic backup Shell script

We can backup our databases using different methods, Here is the shell script used for automatic backup MySQL databases using mysqldump in your cpanel server. The following instruction can be used to backup any database. The only requirement is that you are using a Linux server to host your files and mysql user privileges. Use this Database Automatic backup Shell script  via cron job.
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