Nearly Half of Enterprise Cloud Projects Past Trial Phrase

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Research commissioned by Microsoft and published Wednesday suggests nearly half of organisations using cloud services have moved beyond initial pilot phases, and 32 per cent of enterprises articulating and implementing  clear cloud computing strategies within their organisations despite concerns around data protection and security. But the findings also suggest that pervasive concerns around security, while certainly a challenge for cloud service providers and enterprises, may also be a boon for other players.

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PCI Compliant Ready Servers

Make Your Servers PCI Compliant for only $100/month per server.

InetServices PCI (Payment Card Industry) 2.0 compliant ready servers provide a secure hosting environment required by the five major credit card companies. If you accept, store, or process credit cards, then you ensure that all the necessary steps are taken to protect sensitive personal data in order to avoid risk of fines or permanent expulsion from card acceptance programs.

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