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HBase NoSQL Big Data Hosting

Business Intelligence Requires Big Data Solutions
Apache HBase is an open source, distributed NoSQL database which is fault-tolerant, extremely scalable, and perfect for Big Data environments. InetServices makes deploying a HBase cluster simple whether you need a free Proof-of-Concept (POC) trial, development environment, or a blown production environment.

All environments include the following:

HBase Open Source Distribution

  • Apache HBase
  • Hadoop HDFS 2.0
  • MapReduce
  • Pig
  • Zookeeper

  • Let InetServices focus on your infrastructure so you can focus on your business of collecting, storing, and analyzing huge volumes of data.

    HBase 14-Day FREE Trial POC*

    Servers CPU vCores RAM Disk Monthly

    (1) HBase App Node 8 vCores 16GB RAM 400GB SSD FREE 14-Days* Get Started

    (1) Name Node 4 vCores 16GB RAM 400GB SSD

    (3) HBase Data Nodes 4 vCores 8GB RAM 400GB SSD

    * Offer is valid for new customers only. Limit (1) FREE POC trial per customer. Valid credit card required for authorization. Card will be charged $1 for account activation. If the POC trial is not cancelled within 14 days of activation the card will be charged for each additional month of service as a Development Environment package.

    HBase Development Environment

    Servers CPU vCores RAM Disk Monthly

    (1) HBase App Node 8 vCores 16GB RAM 400GB SSD $1295.00 Get Started

    (1) Name Node 4 vCores 16GB RAM 400GB SSD

    (3) HBase Data Nodes 4 vCores 16GB RAM 2x 2TB JBOD

    HBase Production Cloud Environment

    Servers CPU vCores RAM Disk Monthly

    H.Cloud.Name.Node 16 vCores 48GB RAM 960GB SSD $672.00 Get Started

    H.Cloud.SSD.Data.Node 8 vCores 32GB RAM 960GB SSD $484.00 Get Started

    H.Cloud.JBOD.Data.Node 8 vCores 32GB RAM 2x 2TB JBOD $346.00 Get Started

    H.Cloud.App.Node 8 vCores 16GB RAM 240GB SSD $338.00 Get Started

    Hadoop Production Server Environment

    Servers CPU vCores RAM Disk Monthly

    H.Name.Node 12 Cores + HT 48GB DDR3 RAM 5x 240GB SSD RAID5 $702.00 Get Started

    H.SSD.Data.Node 12 Cores + HT 32GB DDR3 RAM 6x 480 SSD JBOD $939.00 Get Started

    H.JBOD.Data.Node 12 Cores + HT 32GB DDR3 RAM 6x 2TB SAS JBOD $669.00 Get Started

    H.Application.Server 8 Cores 16GB DDR3 RAM 2x 240GB SSD RAID1 $319.00 Get Started

    Note: A production-ready environment should include the following:

    (2) Name Nodes and (5) Data Nodes.
    (1) App HBase Master Node and (3) App Zookeeper Nodes.

    Note: HBase is not an InetServices product. By deploying HBase software you are agreeing to comply with the terms and conditions of their software license.

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    Beyond Big Data Cloud Servers

    InetServices offers a wide range of cloud hosting services. Everything from Public Cloud Hosting to Private Cloud Hosting and from Bare-Metal Cloud to Big Data Cloud providing a new generation of large-scale, performance-intensive applications. See what InetServices cloud server hosting can do for you.

    Beyond Dedicated Big Data Server Hosting

    Businesses have been using dedicated big data hosting for years for their dedicated web hosting and dedicated application hosting services. Now it.s time to look beyon d simple dedicated hosting services. Services such as High-Availability hosting and Disaster Recovery hosting are essential in keeping your business alive and s uccessful no matter what. So look beyond just dedicated server hosting.

    Beyond Hadoop Big Data Hosting

    Create a highly scalable production-ready Hadoop cluster without buying, configuring or maintaining the complex underlying infrastructure. Using InetServices Hadoop Cloud service get everything you need prebuilt and ready to use in minutes.

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